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Austrian microelectronics takeover bid for dialog semiconductor

Author:  Update:2014-07-02   Hits:121

Abstract :In IC design industry and tide

In IC design industry and tide, bloomberg reported that Austria microelectronics (AMS), the company is, consultation with the Dialog (Dialog Semiconductor) Semiconductor company ready to acquire the market capitalisation of about $5 billion, chip makers in Europe. Acquisition seems to be preparing for layout iot, estimates that the combined market value of 4.2 billion Swiss francs.

Austrian microelectronics said today, according to the British takeover rules, no matter will not continue to bid, must be announced on July 24 bid. Austrian microelectronics manufacturing used to adjust the smartphone display brightness and color chip. Austrian microelectronics and dialog semiconductor respectively, said in a press release merged enterprise is still in preliminary discussions.

The financial times reported that the Dialog and AMS plan merger in peer way, but the two sides haven't settled on the price. If a case, the Dialog will be from the Frankfurt stock exchange options and incorporated into the AMS, chief executive of the combined company designated by the Dialog, while the AMS company board nomination.

Dialog semiconductor had surged by 9.6%. As smartphone demand higher, plus from cars, traffic signals to the vending machine and other equipment can be connected, high demand, semiconductor merger will be of help to Austria microelectronics and dialog semiconductor. Dialog semiconductor chips help manage energy loss and sharing resources. Both companies supply chip to Apple (Apple Inc.).

Dialog power management IC by TSMC foundry and brand apple iPhone and apple series products adopt. AMS is famous for its light sensor IC, after the success with samsung's supply chain, also actively attack power management IC market.

London (Jefferies LLC) Wallis Simpson, an analyst at Jefferies company (Lee Simpson) said: "this is very reasonable. In the end there will be a considerable scale between European chip was born. Kinetic energy, driven by the terminal market, that is, the Internet of things, cars, and smart phones."

Taipei time evening at six points, 9 dialog semiconductor in Frankfurt rose 4.88%, at 25.25 euros, market value of 1.79 billion euros ($2.5 billion). Dialog semiconductor has listed in London. Microelectronics in Zurich, Austria rose 1.51%, to 147.80 Swiss francs, market value of 2.15 billion Swiss francs ($2.5 billion), once rising 7.7%. The two companies share price over the past 12 months have increased more than 1 times.