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The calculation method of sealing tape

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Abstract :Packing tape specifications:Us

Packing tape specifications:

Use "wide * long * thickness", said the "wide" is the width of the tape, usually expressed in mm or cm, usually 12 mm, or common specifications are: 50 cm, 45 cm, 40 cm; "Long" is the tape away after total length, usually expressed in "m" or "code" = 0.9144 m (1 yd), common length 50 m, 100 m and 150 m and 200 m, etc.; Thickness refers to the total thickness of BOPP original film + sub (unit: um, microns), commonly used have 45 ~ 50 microns. Such as "5 cm x 100 m x 50 mu m"

Each roll of tape unit price calculation method:

Tape industry often use "yuan/square meters" tape to accounting the price, then the "price per roll of duct tape (m) = width * length (m) * square price"

Specific price according to the cost of large floating, because BOPP film and adhesive belongs to petroleum products.