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The inductance of the main characteristic parameters

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Abstract :Inductance LCoil inductance L

Inductance L

Coil inductance L said itself inherent characteristic, has nothing to do with the current size. In addition to the special inductance coil (color code inductance), inductance is generally not special mark on the coil, and mark in a particular name.

Inductance XL

Inductance coil of alternating current effect according to the size of the inductance XL, the unit is the ohm. Its relationship with the inductance L and alternating current frequency f for XL = 2 PI fL

Quality factor Q

Quality factor Q is said coil quality of a physical quantity, Q is the ratio of inductance XL instead of the equivalent resistance, i.e., Q = XL/R. The higher the Q value of the coil, the less the wastage of the loop. Q value and dc resistance of the wire coil, skeleton of the dielectric loss, shield or core loss, the influence of high frequency skin effect and other factors. The Q value of the coil is usually tens to hundreds of. Using core coil, more coarse coil can improve the Q value of the coil.

Distributed capacitance

Coil turns and interturn, between the coil and shield, coil and capacitance between blank is called capacitance. The existence of the distributed capacitance make the Q value of coil is reduced, the stability, and distributed capacitance of coil as small as possible. The segmented winding can reduce the distributed capacitance.

Permissible error: inductance actual value and the percentage of nominal income divided by the difference between the nominal value.

Nominal current: refers to the current size of coil allows, usually with the letters A, B, C, D, E, respectively, nominal current value of 50 ma, ma, 150, 300 ma and 700 ma and 1600 ma.