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A brief history of development of nanometer materials

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Abstract :Use modern technology to compl

Use modern technology to complete the first piece of nano materials, by a German scientist gretel. In 1984, he will be the size of 6 nm metal powder forming technology, sintering nanometer micro crystal block, become a staple of nanomaterials, he also explores its internal structure, found its singular structure and specific interface and superior performance. Due to the size of the nanoparticles has been very close to the size of the atom, electron, quantum effects began to affect the structure and physical and chemical properties of material. Experimental tests showed that nano materials in mechanical strength, magnetism, sound, light, heat, etc., with ordinary materials have bigger difference, the special excellent properties can be made from a variety of special materials.

In March 1990, scientists at the university of Utah and the university of California, has successively developed complete placed several tiny nanometer level motor and swinging, the mysterious body, only with a microscope might see clearly. Also this year, the United States has successfully held the first nano science and technology conference, formally founded the journal nanotechnology. All this proclaimed to the world: nanotechnology was born!

Research and development of nanomaterials has experienced three phases:

The first stage (1977-1977), held in Baltimore in the United States marked the first international conference on nano science and technology, officially announced the nanomaterials science as a new branch of material science;

The second phase (19901994), marked by the second international conference on nano materials, meeting think nanometer materials microstructure studies should focus on specific description of different types of materials;

The third stage (1994 - present), the study of nanomaterials is characterized by the will of the people to design, assemble, and to create a new system, namely the nanoparticles, nanowire and nanotube as the basic unit in one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional or whether nano structure system.

Nanotechnology was just more than a decade, away from the real, we still have some distance in the large-scale application of follow one's inclinations, but this does not hinder the development of this new technology and speed application prospect and huge development, people have been committed to the research on the atomic level to carry on the design and manufacture of want to get materials and substances.

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